Collaborating with BetterWork to Enhance Workers’ Wellbeing in Egypt
March 2021

In an effort to revolutionize working environments in the textile sector in Egypt, T&C Garments (T&C) is collaborating with BetterWork to improve working conditions and therefore enhance workers’ wellbeing in Egypt.

BetterWork, a partnership between the United Nation’s International Labour Organization and the International Finance Corporation, announced the launch of its operations in Egypt on March 8, 2021, with the objective of improving working conditions in the garment industry and making the sector more competitive. Through factory assessments and advisory and training services, BetterWork will support enterprises in the textile and garments sector to improve labour relations and compliance with national laws and international core labour standards and to realise the business benefits from these processes.

T&C is one of the first factories in Egypt to enroll itself in the program and to collaborate with BetterWork on its objectives. Since its establishment in 2010, T&C has been a pioneer in leading working environments in Egypt’s garment sector. The modern factory was built with an emphasis on creating a superior working environment for its staff, starting with its air-conditioned production areas, on-site sports facilities, modern work spaces, training and conference halls, amongst others.

T&C strives to create a corporate culture consistent with its values of equality, transparency, and sustainability, and to always remain true to local and international standards of environmental and social best practices. A lot of emphasis is put on training, developing skills and creating career paths for our people to strive. (For more information on our social impact, please visit our website.) In collaboration with BetterWork in Egypt, T&C continues to lead the way in enhancing lives and wellbeing in its community