T&C Garments – Top Apparel Exporter in Egypt in 2021
Feb 2022

According to a report by the Apparel Export Council of Egypt, an affiliate of the Ministry of Trade & Industry, T&C Garments (T&C) ranked as the third top apparel exporter in Egypt for the year 2021 and the first woven apparel exporter for that period. T&C’s exports contributed to 17% of Egypt’s woven bottoms exports, which reached USD516 Million.

The report goes on to show that Egypt’s apparel exports reached USD 2,080 Million in 2021, a 43% increase from the previous year. The United States of America was the largest market for Egypt’s total apparel exports, with a share of 59%.

Source: “Report on Egyptian Apparel Exports Performance for Total Period from Jan-December 2020/2021”. Apparel Export Council of Egypt. Ministry of Trade & Industry.