Enabling a future generation to live a more fulfilled life, is a core value at our company. Not only do we contribute to job creation and wealth generation for our local economy, we are also directly impacting the lives of the neighborhoods we operate in. Through initiatives that have built open park spaces in the areas around our factory, to bring joy to those that surround us. We also provide our employees and their families extensive social benefits, recreational activities, and career development opportunities. Our CSR team is also responsible for several programs around the country for economic and social welfare. As our work is extremely labor intensive it is important for us to always keep in mind the well being of our T&C extended family.

Using the Higg facility social and labor module we are able to ensure that all these Practices and initiatives truly have a positive impact on those that work in our company. Our efforts are measured to make sure we provide all our workers with health benefits and social services and have created a worker well being program.



Within our worker well-being program we have created internal training opportunities. All our employees are provided with extensive knowledge on labor laws to ensure they know their rights. We give on-the-job training and skills development in areas such as EMS & Quality requirements, dealing with hazards and chemicals, principles of WRAP, and environment factors saving.

We also provide training on first aid and fire fighting with the Red Crescent and Civil Defense Authority.

With cooperation from the ministry of education, we have provided university students with ready-made garment industry training to participate in the economic growth of Egypt.





Almost half of T&C's employees are female. T&C is fully aware of the social and cultural limitations on women in this region and that manyof our female workers are the sole breadwinners for their family. Part of our benefits include the well being of the whole family, providing nursery spaces for children once our working mothers return from their maternity leave.

Furthermore females occupy directory, managerial and supervisory positions at T&C with no limitations or glass-ceilings. Like men, women are equally encouraged to advance in their career path and hold leadership positions. We therefore have created a work environment where not only do they feel safe but also empowered.





A happy work environment is essential to us, we aim to provide a space where people look forward to come to work.

To create a friendly environment we arrange sports championships, field trips, social gatherings and spaces. We believe that a joyful work environment where friendship and team spirit are encouraged is key to the success of our company and the economy. Courses are provided for economic empowerment, family well being, equality and acceptance.

Our employees are represented and opinions are heard through our Worker Representatives Committee. Training is given on worker's well being and thus a fair work environment exists where people are treated well and compensated for hard work.





Parts of our social and health benefits include a periodic health check ups.

In addition, all our employees are covered by medical insurance.

  • State of the Art Clinic
  • Full time doctors and nurses
  • Counseling provided by medical staff
  • Medical benefits that extend to the whole family
  • Health and safety committee

We also provide transportation for work transfer needs of our employees reducing fuel and assisting them with a safe and comfortable journey to work.